Research Providers

Anthony Brocado

Geopolitics, Macroeconomics
American, German - International Politics

Geopolitics Non Brazil Macro / Strategy

Berlin, Germany

Anthony Brocado is an American criminal law major working in Berlin on web content for leading US companies. He has a strong interest in geopolitics, and is a computer technician. He has a degree in International Business Management from the Berlin International Economics and Law Institute (Hochschule für Wirtschaft Und Recht); and a degree in Criminal [...]

Antonio Siqueira

Equities Strategy, Technical Analysis
Analista CNPI - T EM 2033

Equities Brazil

Mogi das Cruzes, Brasil

Antonio Carlos Martins is a High Income Specialist investment manager at Banco do Brasil, and publishes specialized articles on stock investing (29 to date), mainly on technical analysis, which have scored up to 4,000 readers in a week. He created the LAD (Line of Advance and Decline) market index. He has a postgraduate degree in Finance [...]

Arthur Faviero

Banks, Corporate Credit
Analista CNPI - EM 1833

Equities Brazil

Porto Alegre, Brasil

Arthur Faviero is a fundamentalist corporate finance analyst, centers research on bargain hunting, and an enthusiast for Value Investing metrics. He has more than 6 years of experience in banking, financial modelling and projections, and corporate experience at animal protein trader PMI Foods. He has degrees in Management/ Finance, from LaSalle, in Economics, from St. Joseph; and [...]

Ben Laidler

Global Equity Strategy - Tower Hudson

Non Brazil Equities Non Brazil Macro / Strategy

London , UK

Ben Laidler, CEO of Tower Hudson Research, and publisher of the daily 'Eye on the World' investment report. He has over 25 years global investment research experience, on both the buy and sell-side. Most recently Ben was Global Equity Strategist, Head of Global Equity Sector Research, and Head of Americas Research, at HSBC in New [...]

Bevan Rosenbloom

Corporate Credit
Series 7, 63 - NASD Register

Fixed Income Brazil Non Brazil Fixed Income

New York , USA

Bevan Rosenbloom is a highly experienced corporate fixed income analyst, with 13 years of extensive experience covering multiple industries across all Emerging Markets. In New York: (1) He was an EM Desk analyst for Bradesco’s Treasury, producing actionable trading ideas in High Yield and Investment Grade Latam sovereign, quasi-sovereign and corporate bonds using in-depth financial analysis [...]

Boris Molina

Emerging Markets, Currency - Financial Institutions

Equities Brazil Non Brazil Equities

New York, USA

Boris Molina is a senior equity analyst specializing in banks and financial institutions. At Santander, New York he was Head of Latam Banks research – covering Brazilian, Mexican, Chilean, Colombian, Peruvian and Argentinean banks – in coordination with local analysts in the region, to produce a balanced product satisfying demand for regional and country-specific views. [...]

Caio Amoedo

Agribusiness, Consumer, Industry

Equities Brazil

Petrópolis, Brazil

Caio Farme D’Amoed is  an accountant with 12 years’ experience in investment analysis and consultancy in Brazil, and founder of the website Currently an analyst with Técnica Consultoria, he has worked as analyst and consultant with the brokers Senso, Uminvestimentos and Umuarama. He also has experience in HR, and fleet and telecom management. He is [...]

Carlos H. Brandt S.

Energy, Geopolitics, Macroeconomics
Analyst - Latam

Commodities Sector Expert Geopolitics

Caracas, Venezuela

Carlos H. Brandt S. is an independent consultant and researcher, with interest on political and risk analysis, geopolitics, international affairs, foreign policy, energy security, oil & gas markets, Venezuelan Oil Industry, public policies and legal framework for hydrocarbons in Venezuela. His experience as a Legislative Researcher and Advisor for the Energy and Petroleum Commission and Foreign Policy Commission, [...]

Carlos Hermosillo

Beverage, Consumer, Foods
Equity Research Analyst - Mexico

Non Brazil Equities Non Brazil Macro / Strategy

Mexico City, Mexico

Carlos Hermosillo has twenty years of experience focused on equity research, equity strategy and macroeconomic analysis of Mexican Economy. He led research department in large Brokerage houses in Mexico with  extensive experience in sell side of the financial markets and client advisory activities. He has a proven record of elaboration of periodical research publications, including daily and [...]

Carlos Macedo

Banks, Fintech
Analista - LatAm

Equities Brazil Non Brazil Equities

Miami, EUA

Carlos Macedo is a LatAm financial sector expert – with 13 years advising investors: 11 of these with Goldman Sachs in São Paulo and New York, where he led a 6-analyst team in 6 countries covering 25 bank and non-bank financials; he has formed relationships with >60 key institutional investors / executives. He was a [...]

Catarina Pedrosa

Certify Analyst - ESG Kipuinvest

Equities Brazil ESG Brazil Macro/Strategy

Sao Paulo , Brazil

Catarina Pedrosa, a partner in the investment consultancy Kipuinvest, has 30 years’ experience in Brazilian and world markets, equity research, management of fixed income, and equity and real estate funds at leading financial institutions (BES, Banif, BBVA, Nomura). At Banco Banif she has headed a fund with AuM of R$400 million, determining investment opportunities in [...]

Claire Meier

Macroeconomics, Politcs
Emerging Mtks CFP - Level 3

Geopolitics Brazil Macro/Strategy Non Brazil Macro / Strategy Fixed Income Brazil Non Brazil Fixed Income

London, UK

Claire Meire Underhill is an experienced macro economist in developed and EM Markets; her core strengths are in sovereign debt investment recommendations based on economic, fiscal and political analysis. She is an experienced writer and media-trained public speaker on economic and political events. At Northern Trust Asset Management she was for 7 years Senior Analyst in [...]

Dan Raghoonundon

Equities Strategy, Emerging Markets, Macroeconomics
Senior Analyst - Portfolio Manager

Equities Brazil Non Brazil Equities Brazil Macro/Strategy Non Brazil Macro / Strategy

Geneve, Switzerland

Dan Raghoonundon has more than 10 years’ experience in Emerging Market equities, as senior analyst and portfolio manager, and in advising large multinationals on economics, fixed income, currency and commodities. He adopts a top-down macro approach in research and analysis on policy, growth prospects, currency valuation, and sensitivity of political regimes. In New York he was [...]

Daniel Abut

Banks, Financial services
LatAm Senior - Analyst

Equities Brazil Non Brazil Equities

New Jersey, USA

Daniel Abut, consistently in the top-3 ranking of Latin America banking analysts for 25 years, now works as a consultant; as a banking analyst; and also in investor education. On Wall Street, he worked as a banking analyst for JP Morgan, covering Mexico, Argentina, Peru, and Colombia; for Goldman Sachs, where he was Managing Director for [...]

Daniel Graeber

Analyst - Journalist

Commodities Geopolitics

Michigan, EUA

Daniel Graeber is a geopolitical analyst who focuses on the intersection between international relations and the oil market. He has been working in the industry, in both journalism and academics, for more than 10 years. Mr. Graeber is based in Michigan.

Daniel Miraglia

Chief Investment Officer - Macro, Credit, Markets

Brazil Macro/Strategy Non Brazil Macro / Strategy Fixed Income Brazil Non Brazil Fixed Income

Sao Paulo , Brazil

Daniel P. Miraglia has over 25 years of experience as a portfolio manager, strategist and treasurer. He worked for many years as a strategist for proprietary and treasury positions at Safra and in the Itaú BBA large corporate credit portfolio. Daniel received the Walter Moreira Vendas award for the best risk management project (2017) and [...]

Dijalma José de Lima

Logistic - Supply Chain

Sector Expert

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dijalma has over 20 years of experience as an executive in the Supply Chain area, he has acted as a change agent in several markets, such as food, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, services, chemicals and telecom. He has worked for companies such as Danone, Alcon, Motorola and Bayer. Dijalma holds a degree in business administration, an MBA [...]

E2 Economia Estratégica

Macroeconomics, Politcs
Brazilian Setorial - Consultants

Brazil Macro/Strategy

Sao Paulo , Brazil

E2 is a Brazil-based consultancy in market intelligence, supplies, strategic planning and regional and sector macroeconomics, founded in 2007. It has developed partnerships with more than 70 large companies, all protagonists in their markets. E2 seeks results-oriented solutions by combining technical rigor and market experience; develops tools and personalized solutions to obtain results; and invests heavily [...]

Eduardo Estrada

Consumption - LaTam

Non Brazil Equities Non Brazil Macro / Strategy

Mexico City, Mexico

Eduardo is a financial and economic professional, with more than 20 years of experience in the financial sector, bilingual, with extensive knowledge of the Mexican and international economies and financial markets. He has the CFA designation and various recognitions from financial institutions such as the Institutional Investment Survey, Morning Star Award and World Finance Investment [...]

Federica Russo

Political Risk Analyst - China, Technology

Geopolitics Non Brazil Macro / Strategy

Rome, Italy

Federica Russo is an independent researcher focused on China and its engagement in the global scene. Her articles appear on Asia Times, China Global Television Network (CGTN), Asia Power Watch, The Diplomat, OBOReurope, Scenari Internazionali. She is a researcher and simulation supervisor at the Washington-based geo-strategic consulting firm Wikistrat. She is based in Rome.

Felix Boudreault

Energy, ESG, Natural Resources
Setorial - Analyst


Brasilia, Brazil

In 2018 Félix-A. Boudreault, an engineer, co-founded the cutting-edge investment research firm SMS – Sustainable Market Strategies – to center on research and consultancy centered on investment from the ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) viewpoint. He has 15 years’ experience consulting for academic institutions, governments, think-tanks, multilaterals (e.g. OECD) and private-sector firms on environmental policy, [...]

Fergus McCormick

Macroeconomics, Sovereign Credit
Sovereign - Risk Analyst

Brazil Macro/Strategy Non Brazil Macro / Strategy Fixed Income Brazil Non Brazil Fixed Income

New York, USA

Fergus McCormick is a specialized sovereign risk analyst, consulting, among other subjects, on value investing, banking, credit rating agencies, and multilateral development banks. In New York, he is Senior Advisor to the Kazarian Center for Public Financial Management, and Director of Sovereign Research at Emerging Markets Investors Alliance, where he Manages the Fiscal Transparency Working [...]

Fernando Tempel

Investment Funds, Macroeconomics
Analyst CNPI 107 - OHR Research

Equities Brazil

São Paulo,

Fernando Tempel is a professional with over 20 years of experience in investment analysis, mergers and acquisitions and consultancy. He is a specialist in value investing and wrote the first book adapting this theory to the Brazilian reality. He is the founder of Ohr Investimentos, an independent research firm and author of books. Descomplicando investimentos [...]

Francisco Salazar

Corporate Credit, Currency, Equities Strategy
Latam - Analyst

Non Brazil Macro / Strategy Non Brazil Fixed Income

Bogota, Colombia

Francisco Salazar is a performance-focused investment consultant with experience in research, trading and portfolio management in the fixed income, equity and currency markets of Latin America, with focus on the Pacific Alliance countries: Colombia, Peru, Chile and Mexico. He has a proven record of evaluating business and investment opportunities, quickly understanding companies and their markets and [...]

Jose Chalhoub

Energy, Oil, Politcs
Latam - Consultant

Sector Expert Geopolitics

Caracas, Venezuela

Jose Luis Chalhoub is a consultant and advisor specializing in political and country risk, based in and expert on Venezuela. He has 13 years’ experience in Venezuelan oil. At the Venezuelan Mining and Oil Ministry, he was Leader for Middle East Affairs; at PDVSA, from  2004 to 2015, he was Leader for International Strategic Information. [...]

Julio Marquez

Equities Strategy, Emerging Markets, Macroeconomics
Global Economist - Equity trader

Non Brazil Equities Non Brazil Macro / Strategy

Mexico City, Mexico

Julio Marquez is a global economic analyst with significant trading experience. After working as a behavioral economist for an NGO, he was for 8 years Global Economist of an asset management firm in Mexico, writing economic and investment analysis covering the Eurozone, UK, China and the liaison between the US and Mexico.For asset manager GBM [...]


ESG, Responsible Investment
Kipuinvest - Experts

Equities Brazil ESG Brazil Macro/Strategy

Sao Paulo , Brazil

Kipuinvest is a Brazil-based specialized consultancy with high academic and technical qualifications, operating in 3 divisions – M&A, responsible investment, and independent research. It focuses mainly on the consumer, agribusiness and land/real estate sectors, providing tailormade company valuations, business development consultancy, economic advice, and ESG risk assessment. With regulators increasingly issuing guidelines and rules on ESG [...]

Lara Smith

Commodities, Communication Specialist - Core Consultants Pty


Guernsey, Inglaterra

Lara Smith is an investment professional, with expertise in Mining & Metals and related sectors, focus on forecast analysis. We assist companies with their online communication strategy and market analysis. Over 15 years experience. Undergraduate in BSc-Ed (Chemistry, Statistics and Economics) at the University of Cape Town. She is based in UK.


Brazil, Macroeconomics
Sector Analysis - Projections

Geopolitics Brazil Macro/Strategy

Sao Paulo, Brazil

LCA is the largest economic consultancy in Brazil. Founded in 1995, it consults on Macroeconomics, Market Intelligence, Law Economics, Corporate Planning and Finance. It has a team of 80 specialists in Economics, and more than 250 clients. Its performance is based on establishing long-term bonds with clients, through senior effective service, knowledge of applied economics and [...]

Lucio Aldworth

Education, Technology, Telecom
Latam - Expert

Equities Brazil Non Brazil Equities

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Lucio Aldworth is a seasoned finance professional with c.12 years of experience leading Equity Research teams in Latin America, covering Telecom, Media & Technology and Education sectors for such firms as Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. Lucio has consistently ranked among the top regional analysts for both stock picking and precision of earnings estimates by Thomson [...]

Luiz Felix Cavallari

ESG, Responsible Investment
Kipuinvest - Experts

Equities Brazil ESG Brazil Macro/Strategy

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Luiz Cavallari has 35 years’ experience in Brazilian and international financial markets in credit, equity research, and equity management. As a partner in Kipuinvest, he specializes in responsible investment, and analysis for integration of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) issues into credit and investment decision-making, applying a proprietary methodology for quantifying issues that many market [...]

Marcelo Videira

Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds
Portfolio Manager - Soma Investimentos

Equities Brazil Brazil Macro/Strategy

Sao Paulo , Brazil

"Marcelo Morata Videira is a investment professional, with expertise on Fixed Income and Hedge Funds portfolio, focous on interest rates and FX. Have been work with Asset Management for more than 15 years in Brazil as Portfolio Manager and CIO/CEO. Undergraduated on Economy at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) and graduated on Corporte Finance and Investment [...]

Marcio Fernandes

Commodities, Macroeconomics, Politcs
BR Political - Risk Analyst


Brasilia, Brazil

Márcio Pereira is a political risk analyst specialized in Brazilian politics. In 2013 he founded Quorum Political Strategy, a consultancy in government relations and political risk analysis. He has written important analyses on Brazil, but his main focus is currently on foreign affairs, commodity markets, national defense in the South Atlantic. He has a degree in [...]

Martin Lara

Miranda - LatAm Experts

Equities Brazil Non Brazil Equities Non Brazil Macro / Strategy

Mexico City, Mexico

Martín Lara is a partner in Mexico-based consultants Miranda Research Partners. He is an investment strategy / equity research director, with wide EM experience – 24 years covering Latam telecom & media (at Itaú BBA, Santander, Moodys, and Finamex). He has been rated N° 1 analyst on media/telecom, and N°3 on financials, in the El [...]

Martin Tixer

Corporate Credit, Macroeconomics, Sovereign Credit
Global - Strategist

Geopolitics Non Brazil Macro / Strategy

Paris, França

Martin Tixier is a specialist concentrating on macroeconomic trends in general, and credit primarily in the UK. He founded and runs Macronomics, an independent macro-strategy financial advisory, also publishing the weekly blog, which has more than 20,000 views per month. Macronomics creates and delivers client-driven bespoke investment strategy content. Popular delivery channels include a [...]


Emerging Markets, Macroeconomics
MCM - Consultants

Geopolitics Brazil Macro/Strategy

Sao Paulo, Brazil

MCM is the Brazilian leader in economic consultancy for the financial market. Founded in 1990, it has a top-quality team of economists specialized in the financial market, politics and elections, economic activity, public finance and foreign trade, producing tailormade projects for clients’ specific interests, using advanced estimation and modeling methods. It has one of the most [...]

Michael Harris

Turkey Country Specialist - cribstone

Geopolitics Non Brazil Macro / Strategy

Londres, UK

Mike Harris has received 22 No. 1 rankings in Institutional Investor surveys during his 24 years as a multi-industry analyst and strategist covering the Turkish and Emerging European Markets. He is the highest ranked Turkish market specialist in that market’s history, and in 2016 was the second-highest-ever ranked research specialist in the history of the [...]

Miranda Partners

Geopolitics, Macroeconomics, Telecom
LatAm - Experts

Non Brazil Equities Geopolitics Non Brazil Macro / Strategy

Mexico City, Mexico

Damian Fraser is a partner in consultants Miranda Research Partners, in Mexico City, where he is responsible for advising companies, intermediaries, and investment funds on financial communication, crisis management, and offering political and economic risk analysis. He was previously Country Head at UBS, Mexico City for 6 years, responsible for the 180-person office, overseeing and coordinating [...]

Mitchell Minki Kim

Fintech, Technology, Telecom
Global Tech - Analyst

Non Brazil Equities Sector Expert

New York , USA

Mitchell is globally recognized for his work as a TMT (telecom, media, technology) equity research analyst, hedge fund manager, M&A and corporate finance executive and a founder of a telecom company in the past. Mitchell has experiences and skills ranging enterprise valuations, deep-dive financial and strategic analyses, investor relations, corporate strategic planning, acquisition and investment [...]

Nuclo CIO

Emerging Markets, Global Strategy
Equity Strategy - Global Markets Strategy

Non Brazil Equities Non Brazil Fixed Income

C. Mexico, Mexico

Nuclo is an innovative investment company that act as a Chief Investment Officer (CIO) for their clients, striving to be the investment arm to Family Offices and Enterprises.  Formed by Mauricio Brocado,  fundamental CIO with more than 20 years of experience in research portfolio management, 10 years at Tresalia Capital,  a group of sound CIOs, [...]

Paloma Campos

Consumer, Equities Strategy, Malls/REITS
LatAm Equity - Analyst

Non Brazil Equities

London, UK

Paloma Campos has 10 years’ experience in banking in Mexico City, on the buy side as portfolio manager, with Teresalia Capital, where she is Strategic Investments Manager, and on the sell side as an equity analyst covering food retailers, department stores and consumer staples, at Itaú, Santander and Inbursa. At Tresalia Capital she enhanced performance of [...]

Paulo Ribeiro

Banks, Fintech, Financial services
FINRA Series 7 - 63 86 87

New York , USA

Paulo Ribeiro is a financial research analyst with extensive experience and expertise in research, valuation and credit in US Fintechs, consumer finance, emerging markets banks and non-bank financials (networks, merchant acquirers, processors). His approach is highly analytical with a long-term view, seeking depth analysis of industry trends and individual companies’ strategies and competitive positioning. In New York, [...]

Pedro Hidalgo

Corporate Credit, Investment Funds
Fixed Income - Analyst

Fixed Income Brazil Non Brazil Fixed Income

Santiago, Chile

Pedro Hidalgo is a Civil Industrial Engineer with 10 years’ experience in corporate credit and financial risk with two of the major financial institutions of Chile. He spent six of these years as an analyst in risk management, investment portfolio management, and investment strategy with Banco de Chile, and two as Head of Credit Research [...]

Prasenjit Basu

PK Basu, Strategist - Asia Macro, Equities

Makati, Singapore

PK Basu is an investment professional with expertise on global macro, Asian economies and markets, interest rates and FX. He has 30 years experience based in  US, Singapore,  Malaysia and the Philippines, covering  India, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Hong Kong.  He was Chief Economist (SE Asia & India) at Credit Suisse First [...]

Rafael Durer

Banks, Financial services
Brazilian - Expert

Sector Expert

Sao Paulo, Brasil

Rafael Durer is a consultant economist with 30 years’ experience, currently specializing in market intelligence, feasibility studies, valuation, and strategy for all forms of banking interface with the individual user – cards, private labels, cobranded products, benefits such as food and meal vouchers, multiple configurations of personal and consumer loans, prepaid services, insurance loyalty incentives, [...]

Roberto Dumas

Brazil, China USA - Dumas Consulting

Geopolitics Brazil Macro/Strategy Non Brazil Macro / Strategy

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Robert Dumas has 30 years’ experience in international financial markets, with institutions including Citigroup, Lloyds Bank, UBS, and Itaú BBA, and has important specialist knowledge of China. He was Chief Representative in Shanghai for Itaú BBA, handling interbank financing from lines of local banks to finance Latin American companies working in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, [...]

Roberto Nemr

Kipuinvest - Experts

Equities Brazil ESG Brazil Macro/Strategy

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Roberto Nemr is Managing Partner at the investment consultancy Kipuinvest, with over 30 years’ experience in financial markets as analyst and manager, and in advisory and M&A. He provides analysis of opportunities for direct investment or capital participation in Brazilian and Latin companies for Brazilian and foreign investors (family offices, institutionals) looking at discounted assets [...]

Wiliam Gonçalves

Metals, Oil, Pulp and Paper
Analyst CNPI - P EM 1615

Equities Brazil

Toronto, Canada

William Gonçalves has 8 years’ experience in the capital markets, with investment and fund management company Geral Investimentos, in fundamentalist equity analysis, reports, financial modeling, valuation, risk calculation and portfolio allocation. He previously worked for RBS and Braskem managing financial processes and analysis. He has a degree in Management and finance from Estacio/FARGS, Rio Grande do [...]

William Arambula

Corporate Credit, Equities Strategy, Sovereign Credit
LatAm - Analyst

Fixed Income Brazil Non Brazil Fixed Income

Bogota, Colombia

William Arambula is an investment professional with experience in mergers and acquisitions, credit underwriting, capital raising, distressed debt and restructurings, and risk and portfolio management. He has practiced across industries, financial products, and geographies. In Bogotá, he is Managing Partner at Kogi Capital LLC, currently co-leading the establishment of a credit fund/fintech that aims to attend [...]